Cotton + Spandex = The Best Blend for Sparkle Farms Under Dress Shorts

At Sparkle Farms, we get a lot of positive feedback on the comfort and fit of our under dress shorts. We constantly ask our customers what it is about our bloomer shorts that their kids prefer over the other brands.  

It’s simple!...Not only do we have an awesome selection of colors and our signature sparkles, Sparkle Farms’ special blend of 95% cotton mixed with 5% spandex keeps the kids cool and comfy!  

Sparkle Farms Girls Active Shorts for Team Sports


Girls active shorts by Sparkle Farms


Long gone are the days where sports were only meant for boys. Girls play just as hard as boys! At Sparkle Farms, we fully support girls’ sports of all kinds, from baseball to field hockey to soccer. One thing we love is hearing from our customers about all the ideas parents and their daughters come up with when it comes to wearing our active shorts. With so many girls participating in sports, we’ve heard some great ideas!

If your daughter is on a team, be it through school or with a neighborhood league, why not incorporate our girls active shorts under her baggy practice shorts?  We stock a rainbow of colors, so we are positive you will find a perfect, complementary pair of under shorts. 

Our girls modesty shorts come in handy in sports for many reasons. Most sports can get clothes dirty almost instantly. Our girls shorts are washable and made from heavy duty materials, giving them a long life, no matter how hard the game!

November - A Time To Give Thanks

Let’s face it. As moms we get overwhelmed with all that needs to be done, day in and day out. Consequently, we often feel like we’re drowning in the needs of others without a minute to ourselves, never mind finding time to be reflective on what we are thankful for. But having an “Attitude of Gratitude” is not only good for our mental and physical health --- it can also benefit our time with our family.

Sparkle Farms Modesty Shorts for Under Halloween Costumes

Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. Everyone loves a good Halloween scare -- but not when it comes to our kids and their safety. We all know that candy should be carefully examined before eating it, but here are some other simple costume tips to keep your children safe:

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    Reason #18: Why Sparkle Farms Bloomer Shorts Rock!

    Our bloomer shorts are TAGLESS!

    Who Wants Presents?

    When my daughter was three, she attended her friends birthday party and had lots of fun. She jumped in the bounce house, ate cake, and ran around in the yard blowing bubbles.

    Sparkle Farms Under Dress Shorts for Playground Modesty