Who Wants Presents?

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     When my daughter was three, she attended her friends birthday party and had lots of fun. She jumped in the bounce house, ate cake, and ran around in the yard blowing bubbles. Then is was time for all of the kids to come in for the birthday girl to open presents. Parents and kids alike oohed and ahed over the cute clothes and fun toys. As soon as the birthday girl was finished and the guest were getting ready to leave, my daughter burst into tears. I quickly scooped her up and asked her what was wrong, and she wailed, "But, I didn't get any presents!" The birthday mom was upset, I was embarrassed, and my daughter was confused. She didn't understand why she had to sit around for ten minutes watching some else get lots of presents and then not get one as well. Since then, I have avoided having her open presents at her party and have managed to avoid remaining at parties while the birthday kid opens gifts.

     Now my daughter is older and she understands that only the birthday kid gets presents, and it's no longer a big deal, but I can't help but wonder how other parents feel. Do you let your kids open birthday presents during the party? I would love to know!

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