Better with Bloomers: Sparkle Farms are Perfect for the Playground

bloomers playground sparkle farms

When a little girl sets out to play, her outfit can be the very last thing on her mind. When those swings and monkey bars are in sight, decorum can sometimes fly out the window. And that, of course, is where our bloomer shorts come into play. Girly girls love to play on the playground – and they love to do it in style. But dresses and monkey bars aren’t really best friends. Let’s take a look at how Sparkle Farms bloomers can make the playground a great place for a little girl in a dress.
  • Slides – Who doesn’t love sliding down a slide? A little girl in a dress, that’s who. With nothing other than her undies between her bottom and the hot metal slide, it can be a pretty unpleasant experience! Sparkle Farms bloomer shorts can make the slide fun again.
  • Monkey bars – Hanging upside down in a dress… Not the most flattering position for a little girl! With bloomer shorts, femininity and modesty can remain intact – and she can monkey around all she wants.
  • Sandbox – Need we say more? A little girl needs something to keep her clean and sand-free.

Long story short… Sparkle Farms bloomers make playgrounds more fun!

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