Preschool Attire for Your Girly-Girl

girls bloomers preschool bloomers

If you have a three or four year old little girl, you know right away that you may encounter morning dressing battles for the first time—and perhaps you’ve heard horror stories about this battle waging on through the teen years. Guess what? The rumors are true! Lucky for you, at this young age there are some super-easy resolutions to the most common preschool morning battles.

  1. The school says she must wear tennis shoes, but she would much prefer her sandals or sparkly flats. After you register your little girl for preschool and realize that footwear may be a problem, you’ll want to take to the online shops to find some adorable tennis shoes that she can get on board with. Fortunately, it can be pretty easy to find sparkly tennis shoes or at least something in the hot pink variety. (Sometimes it might not perfectly coordinate with the outfit, but that’s not a battle worth waging!) You can also find fun and funky shoelaces in your local boutique that may ease the pain of wearing tennis shoes.
  2. The school says to wear play clothes, but your little darling has a strict no jeans or gym shorts rule. With our girls bloomers, you can easily make her favorite dress more appropriate for the playground and circle time. Another trend we love is the dresses and longer tees with leggings—this helps you get more mileage out of your fast-growing kid’s clothes while also striking a balance between style and comfort.
  3. Some little girls go through a phase when they want their hair left down. This can be a mess when it comes to going to school—she’ll really be so much better off with it pulled back. Take a trip to a local boutique to find some great new bows or headbands that will take the pressure off school mornings.

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