Four Ways to Survive the Playground: Modesty Shorts for Girls & More

bloomers bloomers for girls playground

Have you ever sat at the playground and cringed while your daughter runs amok—dangling from the monkey bars in her favorite dress or searching for butterflies in the weeds? You sit in angst, wondering whether you should step in and hold her back or grit your teeth and let her go. If the playground is an inevitable part of your week, you may want to have a few items on hand and available to find a way to help her spread her wings without the stress. These items may include:

Playground shorts for Girls: Keep a pair in your car or diaper bag so that she can easily slip them on for a fun session at the playground. These are great for avoiding the inevitable show off of underpants, and you’ll feel better about her sitting in the sandbox.

Baby Wipes: Baby wipes are perfect for so many things! Whether you want to wipe the seat at the public restroom or little hands before a snack, baby wipes will be super handy.

Bug Spray & Sunscreen: Don’t let pests or UV rays keep your little girl from having fun! Get travel size spray bottles of sunscreen and bug repellant for quick application.

Basic First Aid: From a simple blister to a scraped knee, accidents happen. Most of the time, these are easily fixed with a bandaid and a kiss—have these ready so that playtime isn’t cut short!

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