Cotton + Spandex = The Best Blend for Sparkle Farms Under Dress Shorts


At Sparkle Farms, we get a lot of positive feedback on the comfort and fit of our under dress shorts. We constantly ask our customers what it is about our bloomer shorts that their kids prefer over the other brands.  

It’s simple!...Not only do we have an awesome selection of colors and our signature sparkles, Sparkle Farms’ special blend of 95% cotton mixed with 5% spandex keeps the kids cool and comfy!  

As a fellow mom, these were important factors to me and why I chose that blend. After all, cotton offers so many benefits and is a better alternative to oil based synthetic fabrics. Why?


  • It’s natural
  • It breathes easy and is absorbent
  • It doesn’t get stinky or smelly
  • It’s hypo-allergenic and doesn’t irritate skin
  • It repels dirt and is dust-mite resistant
  • It’s durable
  • And it’s easy to care for!

While cotton offers many advantages, it certainly isn’t perfect as a stand-alone fabric option for certain apparel items because it can stretch out. When exclusively used in things like leggings and under dress shorts, it can result in a “saggy bootie!” To ensure this doesn’t happen, we’ve added just the right amount of spandex to our modesty shorts to retain their shape. During the knitting process of the fabric, the cotton is infused with the 5% spandex resulting in just enough elasticity for a form-fitting stretch, without any bulk when our modesty shorts are worn under skirts and dresses.

Our bloomer shorts are perfect for everyday layering to wear on the playground, “storytime” in the classroom, or even to lounge around at home.  Simply, our fabric is a perfect blend of cotton and spandex, which ensures that our shorts will shape to your child’s body and provide a superior and comfortable fit when layered under school uniforms, skirts, and dresses. 




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