How Does She Sparkle? World Kindness Day Contest


Girls reading and wearing Sparkle Farms under dress shorts

Did you know that next Wednesday, November 13, 2019, is World Kindness Day? While we should practice kindness every day, a little extra recognition never hurt anyone. 😊 Back when I was an elementary school teacher, I used to have a kindness box in my classroom. It was a shoe box that I wrapped with festive paper and then cut a slit on the top. There were also small sheets of paper and a pencil next to it so that, at any time during the day, if a student saw someone else do something nice, she/he could write a brief description of it and put it in the box. I always saved half an hour at the end of every Friday to read the notes aloud to the class so that we could all celebrate the acts of kindness. The student who was caught being kind would get to keep the little note and it was so sweet to later see them saved in pencil boxes or used as bookmarks.

Since I’m no longer in the classroom, I try to find other ways of recognizing and appreciating kindness. At Sparkle Farms, we are all about kindness and spreading good feels. In fact, we don’t just use the word sparkle literally. For us it also means goodness. So, we’re preparing for World Kindness Day by having a How Does She Sparkle? contest! Share with us the acts of kindness that the little girls in your life perform. Was she reading a story to some younger girls? Maybe she shared her cookie with a friend? Did she walk over and give you a hug when you weren’t expecting it? (Personally, that’s my favorite kind of hug. 😊) No act of kindness is ever too small! I can’t wait to see how your little girls sparkle!

Contest rules:

  1. Head over to Instagram and like the post about the contest.
  2. Make sure you’re following us!
  3. Comment and tell us about something kind that the little girl in your life has done to be entered in our contest.
  4. Tag your friends so they can participate too!
  5. Bonus entry: Post a picture of your nominee spreading the sparkle, tag Sparkle Farms, and use #spreadthesparkle.
  6. Entries must be received by 5:00 PM PST 11/13/19. 
  7. The winner will be decided by random drawing and announced at 6:00 PM PST on 11/13/19. 

PRIZE: ($100 value)

  1. A 3-pack of Sparkle Farms Shorts for her & an extra pair for a friend!
  2. A Mommy/Daughter at home spa kit with skin, hair, & nail care essentials

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