Happy National iPod Day!

The iPod is 17 years old! Can you believe it?? It’s been out since 2001! My husband gave me the pink iPod mini for my very first Mother’s Day in 2004, and I still have it. The first eighteen months of my daughter’s life are shrouded in a mommy brain sleep-deprived fog, but I remember being amazed by the 4GB memory and the fact that you could load it with hundreds of songs, all in this little device that was smaller than a bar of soap! I know it took me a while to get used to the wheel thingy that controlled it. (That was the fault of mommy brain too.) Just for kicks, I unearthed it earlier this week and was surprised to see that it still works! What was so cutting edge back then seems almost primitive now. The newest iPods can do just about anything except launch a rocket, or maybe it can? Is there an app for that?

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