Sparkle Farms Modesty Shorts for Under Halloween Costumes

Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. Everyone loves a good Halloween scare -- but not when it comes to our kids and their safety. We all know that candy should be carefully examined before eating it, but here are some other simple costume tips to keep your children safe:
  • Use make-up  or face paint instead of masks, as face covering accessories can limit or obstruct vision.
  • When possible, choose brighter or neon colored costumes. 
  • If dark colors are necessary, add reflective tape and glow in the dark accessories to your costume and trick-or-treat bag to help your ensure is easily seen. Things like glow or blinky necklaces are a fun and effective add-on.
  • Choose costumes that are shorter and that fit properly to avoid accidents of tripping or falling. 
  • Avoid oversized or high heels shoes for the same reason.
Finally, Sparkle Farms under dress shorts are a must have for your girl's costume. Since kids are so active on this holiday, it’s important to ensure private parts are kept private. Our bloomer shorts do just that! And our privacy shorts come in a variety of great colors --- something to match every costume.  Black shorts, pink shorts, white shorts, yellow shorts, red shorts and many more colors to choose from. Hurry to order and ensure delivery by Oct. 31stClick here to order and through the month of October, use code HALLO14 for 20% off your order! (Oops Grab Bag excluded)

We wish you and your kids a happy and safe Halloween! 
Sharry and the Sparkle Farms Team

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